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502 East Chatham Street
Cary, NC, 27511
United States


Grow Eco Baby specializes in baby needs, cloth diapers, baby carriers, eco-products and more! Our store is located in Downtown Cary, NC Come check out our little local business and become a part of the Grow Community! We're always getting fun new products and we have many locally made goods that are crafted by the best, hard-working parents, who we are honored to help support. Feel free to stop by, come hangout, check out our goods & even take a class or come to an event- all happening at Grow Eco Baby.


Grow Eco Baby specializes in natural home, child and parenting items. Our store is located in Downtown Cary, NC. Come check out our quaint space and peruse our latest products. We're always getting fun new goods and our locally made products are crafted by the best, hard-working parents, who we are honored to help support.

The Store

Grow Eco Baby is a small retail shop that provides the community with cloth diapering resources, baby wearing products and sustainably sourced products for the family. We would love to see you at the shop, or at one of our classes and events! Check our Calendar for more info!

Grow has been open since 2015, owners Maria & Christopher are family-oriented and are in the shop most of the time with their children Aven (5) and Valentina (1.5) We can't wait to meet you!


We provide tables and chairs

We have a coffee maker and a small fridge

The room fits up to 20 maximum

You schedule to use the room by emailing

Grow keeps 30% of ticket profits or donated funds

-We allow a few free events per month with a small flatrate or “waived” fee for the room in some situations



We are here at Grow whenever you need us, feel welcome to come visit us any time and use us as a resource for answering any questions you may have.  

Along with supporting our customers, we work hard to directly give back to our community  by helping a variety of charities year round. If you would like to learn how to help or are a charity that would like help please take a look at our Grow, Gives Back page for more information.

We have Cltoh 101 and Babywearing classes EVERY month!

Cloth 101 10:30 am every 1st saturday of every month ($15 and you get $5 credit to Grow)

Babywearing 101 !!:30 every 1st saturday of the month ($15 with $5 store credit to Grow or $10 if you go to both classes)


  • Do you care about what goes on your baby's skin?

Cloth diapers are made from soft, natural fibers and free from the chemicals and perfumes that are present in disposable diapers. This makes cloth diapers more comfortable, breathable, and better for baby’s sensitive skin. This ultimately reduces the risk for diaper rashes and other skin rashes.

  • Do you care about the environment?

By using cloth diapers you will help make a positive impact on the environment. Cloth diapers can be reused thousands of times, they can often be reused for your next child or be resold after your child/ children are done.

  • Do you want to save money?

The washing process takes minimal effort while still ensuring diapers are clean and sanitized. Plus, by choosing cloth for just one child, you’ll save over 6,500 diapers from going to the landfill, and over $2,500 dollars on disposable diapers per child.

  • You don't want to wash your diapers? Someone else can...

There is even a cloth diaper washing service in Raleigh for anyone that does not have time or the desire to wash the diapers. This service is called Clean Start Diaper and they can pick up dirty diapers and deliver the clean diapers back to you! They clean cloth diapers for the Triangle! Check them out!

  • Do you not know how to cloth?

PLEASE call Grow, email us at, or message us on Facebook or Instagram with any questions you have about cloth diapers, or the washing process of cloth diapers.

Grow has a Cloth Diaper 101 class! Ask us about it!!!