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Grow Eco Baby specializes in baby needs, cloth diapers, baby carriers, eco-products and more! Our store is located in Downtown Cary, NC Come check out our little local business and become a part of the Grow Community! We're always getting fun new products and we have many locally made goods that are crafted by the best, hard-working parents, who we are honored to help support. Feel free to stop by, come hangout, check out our goods & even take a class or come to an event- all happening at Grow Eco Baby.



Maria Campagna

Hey Everyone!

I am a little upset at the status of the world. I know thats a little bit vague but there are SO many things wrong right now that its hard to make that sentence more specific. So, feel free to continue reading and dive into my mind’s eye real quick!!

A Little Background about me (Maria Campagna, owner of Grow Eco Baby) : I studied agriculture science and animal science at The University of Baltimore and NC State, no I did not finish college, I do not have a college degree, but I did go to college for 5 years and I’d say I’m pretty impressed with my transcripts (lol)! In college I learned about ecosystems and biodiversity, sustainable farming and hydroponics, solar power and renewable energy, medicinal plants and alternative plant uses, animal welfare vs. animal rights, proper animal care and enrichment, companion and farm animal care, exotic animal care and captive animal care AND so much more!! I have worked on an alpaca farm (in Monroe,NC) , an olive farm(in Italy), an elephant sanctuary (in Thailand), a goat farm (Raleigh,NC) , a dairy farm (Raleigh, NC), a hydroponic installation business (Charlotte, NC), a plant nursery (Logan’s in Raleigh NC), a small farm-animal rescue (Raleigh, NC) and I worked at the SPCA of Wake County (Garner, NC) companion animal rescue for 5 years! I feel genuinely sad (I cry about it sometimes) that animal habitats are becoming scarce in the wild due to the over population of Humans, and animals are becoming critically endangered due to lack of room and food for them. Another thing is that SOME people do not treat animals properly (in the wild or in captive environments)- and its upsetting. Its actually quite depressing.

Animals found in wildlife can be wild, or they can be captive. There are many animals that are captive, which means they live in containment in a zoo, in an enclosure, or cage, and they live seperately from wildlife/ their natural habitat. Most the time animals end up at a Zoo or sanctuary if they have been rescued from black market animal sales, or they were found hurt and then rehabilitated, or they were born in captivity. Captive animals live a different life than animals in the wild, but it doesnt have to be a bad thing and sometimes (depending on the facility) animals can be re-introduced to the wild if that is what is best for the animal. There are teams of people in charge of animal enclosures and cage setups and its their job to create an environment fit for that animal. Their enclosure is suppose to mimic their natural environment. We, as humans, have the ability to create a very natural, very large, perfect enclosure for animals with everything they need to survive and live a stress-free life. < Does this always happen? Absolutely not. Zoos, santuaries and rescues are in-need of funding to make this happen, and they lack people who CARE enough to donate or make it happen. >

Part of a captive animal’s happiness is having a perfect enclosure that mimics their natural environment, but it is also having ample area to move, graze, and explore. Some animals need more room to move around and explore than others- which can depend on their size, eating habits and other various details about that species behavior. I think that THE most important thing captive animals need (from their caretakers) for their phychological wellbeing and overall happiness is ENRICHMENT. Enrichment can be in the form of food, or how the animal gets the food (in a treat ball, a box, up in a tree, a puzzle ect.), or in the form of an activity (a game, playing, running, an excersize, a puzzle ect.), or in the form of companionship, or social interaction for that animal (whether its with an animal of the same gender, opposite gender, a human, or another species that gets along together)! Enrichment that is provided properly can improve the wellbeing of the animal and the quality of life for the animal by a lot!!

I wanted to talk about animals in captivity because I don’t want you to feel like animals in enclosures are not happy. OR on the flip side- if the zoo or the enclosures are not fit for the animal and there is not enough room, or the animal looks sickly, hurt or unhappy, I would like you to be able to observe that and know that something is off!! <I’ve seen some cruel zoo setups before in Asia and life is like a nightmare for those animals.>

Most the time (assuming the enclosure is good, or even excellent) the animal could be living a relatively stress-free life. There are no predators, food is abundant, and the caretakers and zoo keepers are watching out for signs of illness or unhappiness and fixing the problems accordingly! Animals can also live longer lives in captivity since they are given medicine when needed, fed properly and cared for by humans. Some animals ONLY live in captivity like many birds, frogs and other mammals that have been hunted to extinction, or ran out of habitat space IN THE WILD but have been saved by zoos, research and sanctuaries. So, people have gone out of their way to make their enclosures outstanding, care for them with expertise, and breed them properly so that they could continue to EXIST otherwise they would be extinct. WOW, that makes my heart so full. THAT gives me some peace, some hope!

I have so many opinons, as do most people, on vegetarianism, veganism and meat-eating. I won’t go into all that, but what I beleive is most important is being educated and CARING. Anyone can be educated- but does that person also care? Someone can be vegan but care less about animals but does it for the health benefits. Someone can be a meat-eater but have a passion for animals (like me) and choose to support sustaianable farms and farms that ethically care for and kill their animals properly and humanely. So if YOU CARE, care about animals, their lives, their souls, how they are treated, their quality of life, the environment, our earth, our ocean, our planet, our air, our mass consciousness as living creatures- Then you are already ahead of the game!! If you care, then we can be friends, we can talk, we need to band together to help make a change. No one can make a change that can reverse the damage already done to the ecosystems, to the ocean, to the air by our fellow humans- BUT we can all make small changes that will have a butterfly effect of changes for our planet and mankind!

Some small, simple changes that can be made. They start with free, small changes you can make in the house just by making a conscious decision to do those things. Turn off the lights when you are not in that room anymore (some family homes worldwide do not have electricity), turning on the faucet at 30% instead of cranking the nobs to full power (most countries don’t provide fresh tap water), refilling water bottles with tap water (again be thankful our tap water is fresh water), using water from the kid’s bath- to water house plants (instead of wasting fresh water use your grey water), seperating trash from recycled materials and actually recycling, turn air off and open windows in the fall and spring (before it gets too hot or too cold- open some windows up). It sounds simple, and basic- but are you doing ALL those things?

Next, spend some money to save some money: if you have kids, cloth diaper your kids (buy reusable diapers and save thousands of dollars and help reduce waste), buy reusable bags for grocery shopping, lunch bags, freezer bags, etc. There are even reusable trash pail bags OR biodegradable plastic (made from plants) trash bags. If you are buying anything plastic (dog poop bags, tuberwares, straws, bottles, jars, utensils, plates- find an alternative!!! There are so many bamboo or plant based items for the household, for storage and so much more- even on amazon and at walmart!! Also, use hashtags on your posts with your items and make others aware of what you are doing so they see that they can easily do it too!! By using hastags you can reach a wider audience. We need people talking and posting all about eco-living. Hashtags like #ecomom #naturalmom #gogreen #green #compost #savethefishes #biodiversity #naturalbaby #recycle #reuse #clothy THIS gets people reading, talking, seeing others on social media will make a huge impact. Also, be sure to support small businesses, give your money to families that are running earth-friendly businesses instead of giving your money to BIG NAMES that have huge factories that MASS produce products with chemicals and toxics. Those chemicals are in the products your family are buying and using (toys, clothes, cups, shampoos, etc) and the factories themselves are creating so much pollution from the production of the products into the air, rivers, streams etc. When you buy from local, or small businesses be SURE to tag them in your posts, share with your friends the name of the store so they can shop their too! If you like a product, go LIKE that businesses Facebook Page! As a business gains more tags and likes, it begins to reach a larger audience of people!

PLEASE Care Less about the big picture and More about your own life and your family’s choices day-to-day. THIS will help you can feel confident that the big picture is working itself out as WE ALL tend to our own lives by making ethical decisions with our money and where we spend it, and our choices when it comes to the resources we are given and how we use them.

Thanks for reading my thoughts and ideas. I hope to continue to share on here and see what happens! I would LOVE your input and your comments. I appreciate ALL of YOU. ALL of you are special, amazing, creative, kind, thoughtful people and I am lucky to know you.

Grow Blog

Maria Campagna

Hey Guys,

I am not sure what the Blog use to be in the past but I am going to start randomly using the Blog for my thoughts, ideas, and natural parenting information!

I introduced myself in the last Blog post from a long time ago! I am Maria and me and Valentina, my 1.5 year old daughter are at Grow basically every day! My husband Chris, works at Apex Waves here in Cary & my son Aven is in kindergarden!

I love to see other moms at Grow shopping for their family- I meet the most amazing people at Grow! Come to Grow and hangout and let the kids play!

Check out our calendar tab on our website to see more upcoming events at Grow! Event or not, you are always welcome at Grow. Grow is a safe, judgement free place! We have a feeding and changing room and a classroom here as well! I hope to see you soon!

Come back and peep the Grow Blog for some cool information and randomness!

NEW Grow Eco Baby Store

Maria Campagna

Hey Everyone,

I want to proudly introduce myself as the new Grow owner!! My name is Maria Campagna, I am a mother of 2 (one step son named Aven, who is 5 and my baby girl Valentina who is 7 months old) my husband's name is Christopher. I grew up in Charlotte and spent a year at the University of Baltimore and 5 years at NC State here in Raleigh. I studied sustainability, agriculture science, animal science, and education- all to amount to no degree. I changed my major 4 times and could never decide on anything. I ended up learning so much and while I got a lot out of college and the classes- it wasn't in my cards to actually finish. I have worked on many farms with animals like dairy cows, chickens, turkey, pigs, alpaca & I even worked at an Elephant rescue in Thailand. Before I had Valentina, I worked at the SPCA of Wake County animal rescue for 4 1/2 years. I absolutely love the SPCA and everyone involved there, it is one of my favorite places ever! Finding homes for homeless pets is one of my passions & I hope to have adoption events outside of Grow in the future! My family is from Italy, and Chris' family is from Mexico- so we are a friendly, animal-loving (and kind of crazy) family of culture and love.

I have been a customer at Grow and I can't tell you how much I love it and the community that surrounds it. I began my cloth diaper journey solely because of one amazing friend of mine who decided to give me about 10 of her cloth diapers. I tried them out (and asked her about a million questions) and started clothing full time soon after! I couldn't be more thankful for my friendship with that amazing mama!

So, I happen to meet the former owner of Grow and we hit it off and became friends. I admire her as a person, mom and business owner and she taught me everything I need to know about the Grow store and community. I am honored to be able to continue Grow with her essence forever a part of the store! I look forward to re-opening Grow and continuing this lovely, community-based store with community activities, classes, events, eco baby products and local handmade products. Amazing employees Adell & Andrea will be familiar faces at the new Grow, they have been so helpful to me and I am more than thankful they will continue to work at Grow at the re-opening. I am an easy going person who values people and animals and I want every customer and everyone involved in Grow to feel welcome. I want Grow to be a safe space, a breast-feeding friendly place, and a very relaxed place for everyone. I would also love any suggestions or ideas for classes, or products that you all would like to see at the re-open of Grow! You all are amazing and AWESOME! 

I am happy to answer any questions anyone has for me, about me, my life, Grow, or anything you can think of! Follow us on the Grow Instagram : @grow_ecobaby and like us on Facebook!! There will be more updates about the RE-Opening of Grow and the new location/ hours/ details very soon! We will be opening in January 2018!!! I couldn't be more excited.


The Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Alex Sparrow

We at Grow, The Family Boutique, are so excited to host the Great Cloth Diaper Change this Saturday April 22nd.  It is also Earth Day. What a great way to celebrate!

We get to giveaway some great items, like a Tula Free To Grow, gift cards to our store, and some locally made products from the WAHMs in our area.

Do you cloth diaper? What do you love about cloth diapering? I love the cute patterns, the sustainability, and the cost savings. 

We will be back after this weekend to share our experience with the Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Speaking of Giveaways, have you entered our Local Vendor Giveaway yet? Only 10 days left to enter to win! Link is below:

Thank you for being part of the Grow Family!

Local Vendor Blog Series: The Flyin' Dandelion

Alex Sparrow

As a small business, Grow depends so much on our local resources, like the natural parenting community and a variety of parent support groups in our geographic area.  We love supporting the Work at Home Moms and local vendors who make products that we carry in our brick and mortar store. We would not be the community we are without these very special groups of people behind us every day.

It is our pleasure to premier our Local Vendor blog series. This will include a monthly blog featuring one of our local vendors, as well as….wait for it…..a Giveaway. Who doesn’t love a Giveaway?!

Giveaway details are at the bottom of the post. Can you wait that long?!

If you know someone who you think should be featured here, please let us know!

Thank you for being part of our community, where ever you are!

Now, without any further ado, here is the The Flyin’ Dandelion!


Grow: Tell us a little bit about yourself as an individual and as a parent.

TFD: I am originally from rural NY and moved to the Carolinas 12 years ago. I am active in the community with the Apex Farmers Market, projects supporting refugees, and volunteering at my children's schools. I am a mother of three active children (a boy, age 3 and two girls, ages 5/7).

Grow: What inspired you to start your own business?

TFD: My dad inspired me to start my own business when I hunted for a local product and couldn't find what I was looking for. At the time, investing in a business with 3 children under the age of 5 was impossible. When I won the production equipment from a blog giveaway, I knew I had to give it my best shot. 

Grow: What kinds of products or services do you provide?

TFD: I provide local love baby/children's apparel. I also do some custom design work if my schedule allows. 

Grow: What is the thing you love most about what you do?

TFD: The thing I love most about what I do is the amazing people who I come in contact with. The stores that I work with are owned by incredibly strong, smart and talented women. They truly inspire me - as mothers and as business owners.

Grow: What is the hardest thing about what you do?

TFD: The hardest thing about my job is definitely time management. I make my best effort to be present and in the moment when my kids are out of school. I try to not use my phone in front of my kids. Is it easy? No! Am I perfect? NO! But I'm trying my best!

Grow: Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years?

TFD: In five years I hope my business will have evolved into a 501c3 nonprofit organization that supports people in our community who need it most. In 5 years my kids will be 8, 10, 12 - I can't believe it! 

Grow: What do you like most about being a parent?

TFD: The best part about being a parent is being young with the kids - slip and slide, playground games, zoo trips, bike rides, library story time, etc. I love playing. Seeing them grow is bittersweet - I love watching their personalities develop but sometimes I find myself singing Cher's "If I could turn back TIME". 

Grow: What is one issue you are passionate about as a parent? Why?

TFD: As a parent I am incredibly passionate about supporting refugees. In January 2016 I helped to organize a drive on behalf of Carry the Future ( to support travelling refugees in the bitter cold of Greece. I feel that empathy is so important. When we take a moment to imagine what other people are experiencing - it helps us to open our minds and our hearts and to give in any way that we can. Time, money, uplifting notes, educating children, etc. 

Grow: Why did you decide to become involved with Grow, as a community resource and a business?

TFD: I was referred to Grow by a store that I work with in Apex called Stylish Living. Ariana, the store owner, felt so much confidence in Kelly ([the owner] of Grow) and it was easy to see upon meeting Kelly that being a mom is always her number one priority but she can still rock her own business like a champ!

This month we will be giving away a shirt by The Flyin’ Dandelion in whatever size, child or adult, and design you choose!


To enter the giveaway:

1.      ‘Like’ this post.

2.      ‘Like’ The Flyin’ Dandelion’s Facebook page:

3.      Like’ Grow’s Facebook page:

4.      Comment on our Facebook post about the Local Vendor blog series with what design you would like to receive if you were our lucky winner!

We will choose a winner on April 30.

Thank you for being part of our Grow Family!

Something new is coming!

Alex Sparrow

As a small business, we depend so much on our local resources, like the natural parenting community and a variety of parent support groups in our geographic area.  We love supporting the Work at Home Parents and local vendors who make products that we carry in our brick and mortar store. We would not be the community we are without these very special groups of people behind us every day.

It is our pleasure to premier our Local Vendor blog series. This will include a monthly blog featuring one of our local vendors, as well as….wait for it…..a Giveaway. Who doesn’t love a Giveaway?!


If you know someone who you think should be featured here, please let us know!

Thank you for being part of our community, where ever you are!

Mommy Con/WEAR Chicago 2017

Alex Sparrow

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

The sound of the alarm penetrated the haze of my half-asleep, half-awake state.  The pajama clad kids and half empty suit case were loaded into the car in the predawn darkness.  Baby girl (Beans) and I had an early flight to catch. 

MommyCon Chicago, here we come!

Even before I entered the Stephens Center in Rosemont, I developed a serious case of carrier envy.  Not only was this MommyCon; it was also WEAR: A Babywearing Conference!  Everywhere I looked there were beautiful carriers: buckle carriers, ring slings, mei dais, pouches, and my personal favorite: woven wraps in all colors of the rainbow. Stripes, hand wovens, plaids, cotton, hemp, silk, Tencel. My ISO (In Search Of) List at least doubled.

WEAR was more than just a little personal wrap envy. It was also an influx of knowledge.  I don’t know if I could articulate a favorite information session; they were all that good.

The first session I attended was The Still Face Paradigm: Evidence for Babywearing as a Tool for Promote Attachment with Lela Williams, Associate Professor in the Social Sciences Department at Arizona State University (  There is not much scientific peer-reviewed research being done in the babywearing world. Lela has published most, if not all, of the recent studies.  The Still Face Paradigm looked at the relationship between Attachment Parenting and Babywearing, and a very special neuropeptide called oxytocin. It is amazing what a huge role oxytocin plays in our bodies. All of the information was fascinating from a scientific and babywearing point of view. 

Demystifying Woven Wraps with Amy Rainbow from Amy Wraps Babies ( and LaKeta L. Kemp of Tandem Trouble ( was one of my favorites, as well.  A lot of the topics that were covered are things my chapter is interested in: inclusivity in meetings and online through language and volunteer-member interactions.  While both women were presenting, they were constantly changing carries with their woven wrap and demo dolls. Front Traditional Sling Carry to a Front Double Hammock with a Poppins finish to a Back Double Hammock Carry to a Back Ruck Carry with a Candy Cane Chest Belt. It was truly amazing to watch.

The Baby Tula Surprise Party revealed their newest product on Saturday evening: The Tula Free To Grow Baby Carrier!  I did not get a chance to play with it in person yet, but it looked really cool.  The Personal Fit Adjusters (PFAs) actually adjust the height of the body panel. The width of the seat is also adjustable through a series of snaps.  This means it can be used from birth to toddlerhood without an infant insert. Check it out for yourself on the Tula website:

Let’s Grow Your Passion into Your Profession! with Joanna McNeilly from the Center for Babywearing Studies ( was a great note to end WEAR.    A lot of what she said could be applied to any small business.  There were so many awesome ideas for Grow as a retail store that we hope to implement soon. Her passion was evident in her talk.  She will also be in Durham this summer teaching a Certification course that I hope to attend.

My inner fan girl escaped on several occasions.  I absorbed a lot of my babywearing knowledge while my first, Captain, took nursing naps and I watched YouTube. Lots and lots and lots of YouTube!  I had the pleasure of meeting Wrap You in Love (, LaKeta Kemp from Tandem Trouble and Amy Rainbow from Amy Wraps Babies.

Wrap You In Love!
Amy Wraps Babies and Tandem Trouble


My wallet also shrank, thankfully just a teeny bit, at the Expo.  It was the perfect occasion to pick personal gifts for some of my babywearing and non-babywearing friends and family.

I connected with some of the companies our family and Grow use on a daily basis, like: EZPZ (, GroVia (, and Lunapads (

I discovered some exciting new (to me) companies whose products I can’t wait to explore some more like: Emmeline Textiles (, Logan and Lenora (, Pretty Paisley Productions (, and XOXO ( Grow also hopes to partner with The Carrying On Project ( in the near future to provide carriers to military families.

Logan and Lenora Wristlet Clutch Diaper Bag

I picked up some awesome carriers for our local babywearing library including some onbuhimo carriers from 2Lambie ( and a donation from Didymos (

Breakfast Sunday morning was a meet and greet with the participating Babywearing International ( volunteers.  It’s easy to get stuck in your little babywearing world so it was great to meet some of my counterparts from all over the country.  Thank you Kathy Low and Kat Chaffin so much for hosting!  My newest wrap addition, a Butterfly Baby Company wrap ( also got some love [Sweet Shop, Black Weft, Size 5, seconds]. And I won an awesome wrap conversion tote bag from Smitten Wovens ( in their Vena Cava design. 

Butterfly Baby Co Sweet Shop Black Weft Size 5 Seconds
Smitten Woven Tote Bag in Vena Cava

All too soon, Beans and I were boarding the plane to return home.  My mind was full – full of ideas for Grow as a retail store and a community center, full of outreach hopes for the local babywearing chapter, full of excitement after a wonderful learning experience at WEAR.

Next time I’ll visit Chicago, the Windy City.  This time it was all about MommyCon.


Welcome to the Grow Family Blog!

Alex Sparrow

We are a community based retail store located in Raleigh, North Carolina.  While we are a brick and mortar store that sells cloth diapers, galactogogues, baby carriers, and other locally made products, our motivations are deeper.

We are part of a larger natural parenting community.  We are pregnant mothers, first time parents, parents three times over, and grandparents supporting their children and grandchildren.  We are babywearing educators, doulas, and lactation consultants.  We are warriors, survivors, educators and activists.  We struggle every day with internal and external circumstances but overcome and thrive because of the support of our community. 

Thank you for following us. We welcome all to join our community!