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502 East Chatham Street
Cary, NC, 27511
United States


Grow Eco Baby specializes in baby needs, cloth diapers, baby carriers, eco-products and more! Our store is located in Downtown Cary, NC Come check out our little local business and become a part of the Grow Community! We're always getting fun new products and we have many locally made goods that are crafted by the best, hard-working parents, who we are honored to help support. Feel free to stop by, come hangout, check out our goods & even take a class or come to an event- all happening at Grow Eco Baby.


NEW Grow Eco Baby Store

Maria Campagna

Hey Everyone,

I want to proudly introduce myself as the new Grow owner!! My name is Maria Campagna, I am a mother of 2 (one step son named Aven, who is 5 and my baby girl Valentina who is 7 months old) my husband's name is Christopher. I grew up in Charlotte and spent a year at the University of Baltimore and 5 years at NC State here in Raleigh. I studied sustainability, agriculture science, animal science, and education- all to amount to no degree. I changed my major 4 times and could never decide on anything. I ended up learning so much and while I got a lot out of college and the classes- it wasn't in my cards to actually finish. I have worked on many farms with animals like dairy cows, chickens, turkey, pigs, alpaca & I even worked at an Elephant rescue in Thailand. Before I had Valentina, I worked at the SPCA of Wake County animal rescue for 4 1/2 years. I absolutely love the SPCA and everyone involved there, it is one of my favorite places ever! Finding homes for homeless pets is one of my passions & I hope to have adoption events outside of Grow in the future! My family is from Italy, and Chris' family is from Mexico- so we are a friendly, animal-loving (and kind of crazy) family of culture and love.

I have been a customer at Grow and I can't tell you how much I love it and the community that surrounds it. I began my cloth diaper journey solely because of one amazing friend of mine who decided to give me about 10 of her cloth diapers. I tried them out (and asked her about a million questions) and started clothing full time soon after! I couldn't be more thankful for my friendship with that amazing mama!

So, I happen to meet the former owner of Grow and we hit it off and became friends. I admire her as a person, mom and business owner and she taught me everything I need to know about the Grow store and community. I am honored to be able to continue Grow with her essence forever a part of the store! I look forward to re-opening Grow and continuing this lovely, community-based store with community activities, classes, events, eco baby products and local handmade products. Amazing employees Adell & Andrea will be familiar faces at the new Grow, they have been so helpful to me and I am more than thankful they will continue to work at Grow at the re-opening. I am an easy going person who values people and animals and I want every customer and everyone involved in Grow to feel welcome. I want Grow to be a safe space, a breast-feeding friendly place, and a very relaxed place for everyone. I would also love any suggestions or ideas for classes, or products that you all would like to see at the re-open of Grow! You all are amazing and AWESOME! 

I am happy to answer any questions anyone has for me, about me, my life, Grow, or anything you can think of! Follow us on the Grow Instagram : @grow_ecobaby and like us on Facebook!! There will be more updates about the RE-Opening of Grow and the new location/ hours/ details very soon! We will be opening in January 2018!!! I couldn't be more excited.